Prey Model Raw is a homemade, species appropriate diet that replicates the diet of a wild canine.

As seen is Sadie's bowl above, 80% raw, boneless meat is a majority of the diet. This includes things like gizzards, breast meat, tongue, heart, lung, tripe, trachea.


Bones should be non-weight bearing bones like poultry feet, necks, backs and wings, pork and beef ribs and tails. Yes, these types of raw bones are safe. It's COOKED bones that cause worry - because it makes bones brittle and can cause bones to splinter. Raw, non-weight bearing bones are pliable and digestible! 


The category of "other organ" includes secreting organs pancreas, kidney, spleen, testicles, brain and ovaries.


The idea is that this model resembles whole prey, which is what dogs consumed in the wild. Eventually you want to work up to as many different proteins as you can - the more the variety the better! Dogs can have most meats like chicken, turkey, pork, beef, rabbit and fish.


Rachel’s Raw Fed Dogs is a meal planning and advice service based on the Prey Model Raw diet for dogs. Rachel’s Raw Fed Dogs does not assume any liability for the results of implementing a raw diet. Implement meal plans at your own discretion and please use your best judgement when monitoring your dog’s transition to raw. I am not a vet and cannot offer medical advice; please stop raw and see your vet if diarrhea lasts longer than 48 hours or if stool contains blood (bright red) or is black and tarry, or if your dog is showing lethargy or signs of abdominal pain (bloating, groaning, or panting rapidly or avoidance response when belly is touched). Raw has amazing health benefits but safety first!