Meal Planning

Looking for a raw meal plan for your dog?

Start with the questionnaire form below, and I'll do all the math to calculate how much they should eat on a Prey Model Raw diet. We'll customize each plan based on your feeding preferences and what is available locally. I'll break it down based on whether you want to prep for a week, two weeks or a month and provide a shopping list and prep instructions on how to portion everything you buy.


All the guess work is done and you'll have some peace of mind that your diet is balanced!

First Time Meal Planning Consultation

Includes a Feeding Profile, showing how much to feed per day/week/month; 2 meal plans including a shopping list & instructions on how to prep. Add'l dogs are $15 each.


Additional Meal Plan

After the First Time Meal Plan, we can easily tweak the percentages or try some new proteins!


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What is Prey Model Raw?

Why should I feed raw?

How much do I feed?

How do I transition?

Rachel’s Raw Fed Dogs is a meal planning and advice service based on the Prey Model Raw diet for dogs. Rachel’s Raw Fed Dogs does not assume any liability for the results of implementing a raw diet. Implement meal plans at your own discretion and please use your best judgement when monitoring your dog’s transition to raw. I am not a vet and cannot offer medical advice; please stop raw and see your vet if diarrhea lasts longer than 48 hours or if stool contains blood (bright red) or is black and tarry, or if your dog is showing lethargy or signs of abdominal pain (bloating, groaning, or panting rapidly or avoidance response when belly is touched). Raw has amazing health benefits but safety first!